How to send the electronic application

Please note that the electronic application should include the surname, name (no abbreviations), patronymic (no abbreviations) and place of residence(zip code, region, district, town, street, number: house, housing, apartments), date of application and the matter of the mentioned application.

The electronic application should also contain the e-mail, where the reply can be sent to or any other information about the means of communication with the declarant.

If the application is presented without following the abovementioned requirements, it will be returned with the relevant explanations.

It is not required to use the electronic digital signature when presenting the electronic application.

We would like to underline that the content of the application should be brief and informative, it should contain the precise facts regarding the matter. Please fill in the details of the applicant attentively; this will accelerate the processing of the applicantion and sending of the reply.

The application shall not be considered if:

the matter specified in the application is not under the competence of the executive power;

the data which are obligatory for filling in the form of electronic applications, are not specified;

the text of application does not specify the matter of the presented issue;

it includes unprintable vocabulary or insults, appeals to the national, race or religious hostility.