Ukraine Facility - the EU financial support program starts in Ukraine

The European Union's financial support program for Ukraine will continue in the current year and until 2027. During these years, support will be provided in the amount of 50 billion euros. The funds will be used to finance the state budget, stimulate investment, and provide technical support for the program.

UAH 38.27 billion - direct support to the state budget;

UAH 6.97 billion - investment fund;

UAH 4.76 billion - technical and administrative support.

In order to receive support from our foreign partners, Ukraine is implementing a technical document - Ukraine Facility. The Plan was prepared by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine under the coordination of the Ministry of Economy headed by the First Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Yulia Svyrydenko.

The Plan envisages the implementation of key reforms for Ukraine's recovery, prosperity and further integration into the European Union. The Plan was developed in close cooperation with the EU. Consultations were also held with business, civil society, think tanks, MPs and representatives of the regions.

Components of the plan:

- basic reforms;

- economic reforms;

- sectoral development.

These sections are further subdivided into thematic items, including state asset management, business environment, agri-food sector, entrepreneurship, SME development and processing industry, public finance management, and public administration.

Vitaliy Koval, Chairman of the State Property Fund, emphasizes that all the reforms envisaged by the Ukraine Facility are aimed at revitalizing the country's economy and improving the welfare of citizens.

"Ukraine Facility is an important program for the whole country and for the SPFU. The investment climate will improve and businesses will be able to invest in state property. In particular, they will be able to develop their business by renting or privatizing the Fund's premises," Vitaliy Koval emphasized.

For reference.This year, Ukraine is expected to implement more than 36 indicators in the areas of improving public finance management, fighting corruption, managing state property, developing human capital, improving the business environment and developing priority industries.